Why you should never miss another delivery window ever again

By December 17, 2020 No Comments
Keeping customers happy is the key to a growing business.  Nothing disappoints a customer more than a late delivery. Here’s why you should never miss another delivery window ever again.
As online orders continue to grow, we are not seeing customers expectations line up with the increase in demand.  More customers are buying online than ever before and the trend is likely to continue for some years to come.  It’s a boon for the logistics industry but the pressure to deliver on time has left some companies reeling.

The rules of engagement have changed

Look back 10 or 15 years and you’d find that the majority of all deliveries were B2B.  This meant large numbers of consignments were being delivered from one business to another.  Fast Forward to today and the majority of deliveries are B2C, which means a few parcels are being delivered to lots of different people.  Not only has there been a massive increase in the number of parcels being delivered but there’s been an astronomical increase in the number of customers being delivered to as well.
Perhaps the biggest challenge is that these customers are consumers and not business.  It’s the end of the line, literally, and their demands are clear.  Today there is a much higher expectation for faster delivery

The customer sets the rules

Not surprisingly, over 54% of online consumers say delivery options define who they shop with and speed of delivery is their number one priority.
Today’s ecommerce landscape leaves no margin for error.  Here are some key facts that prove why:
  • 54% of consumers said delivery now defines who they shop with
  • 50% of shoppers reported a lack of options at checkout, which led them to abandon their cart
  • 35% were willing to pay extra for premium shipping
  • 54% of customers categorised ‘Speed of delivery’ as their number 1 priority
  • 45% considered 2 days fast delivery
  • 54% believe that same day delivery was of high importance when living in metropolitan areas
  • 90% of shoppers agreed free delivery was imperative for them to complete their order
In summary, customers want their goods delivered as fast as possible and are even happy to pay for it. But it MUST turn up on time.

How do you compare with your competitors?

A quick glance at the Google reviews of some of the main courier companies around the globe and you’d get the sense that many of their customers are very unhappy.  Where do you fall within your customer expectation?  What’s your Google rating?
Today’s eCommerce landscape leaves no margin for error but it’s clear that not every company is set up to handle the demand well.  If you never want to miss another delivery window, then plan your deliveries quickly and efficiently by using automated route planning.