The Problem

Our client needs 2,384 Parcels to be delivered/collected in one day within the Sydney metro region with 60 internal drivers on hand. Also relying on 3rd party operators to provide support.

The Challenge

Deliver all parcels for the minimum cost.

Setting the scene

From the data provided by our client we understand the clients business as usual scenario:

Handled by Our Clients’ Fleet

1,669 parcels


Daily Total


Outsourced to 3rd Party Couriers

715 parcels


Average cost per parcel


Applying GoLoop

We analysed the problem and arrived at a range of outcomes…

Best Results

Handled by Our Client

2,384 parcels

Outsourced to 3rd Party Couriers

0 parcels



Conservative Results

Handled by Our Client

2,287 parcels

Outsourced to 3rd Party Couriers

97 parcels



Average cost/parcel

$10.57 – $11.30

The Outcome

GoLoop produces a much more efficient set of driver manifests that results in significant savings to our client.

A saving of $4.66 per parcel =>

$11,110 per day

The Reason

Our clients’ drivers are each allocated an average of 34.4 parcels and deliver 3 parcels per hour. GoLoop allocated an average of 42 parcels per driver and ensures drivers deliver an average of 3.6 parcels per hour.

These efficiencies are created by 2 aspects of the model:

  • More efficient delivery manifests
  • Better allocation of consignments to drivers

GoLoop can consistently produce results of between 
50% and 100% of the results above on a daily basis.