How do you track the performance of your drivers against the plan?

By January 7, 2021 No Comments
Knowing where your drivers are is becoming more important than ever.  So, how do you track the performance of your drivers against the plan? In a market that is forever changing and as online orders continue to grow at a rapid rate, knowing where your drivers are is valuable.  It’s critical if you are close to your full capacity as it could make or break a situation in such a competitive market.
There are reasonable arguments against tracking every move your drivers make.

Big brother is watching you!

In reality, it’s not about watching for people who may, one day, cheat the system.  It’s about understanding the bigger picture in real time and being able to positively react to challenges as they happen.  You can’t respond in that way if you don’t know where everyone is and what they have planned ahead of them.
Besides the bigger picture, there are many benefits of tracking the performance of your drivers:
  1. Validate with proof of delivery with time stamped GPS data
  2. Maintain an equitable workload across all your drivers
  3. Reward and potentially incentivise driving behaviour
  4. Keep a single and accurate trip log for payroll
  5. Give dispatch the visibility needed to provide more accurate ETA’s for customers
  6. Improve overall customer service
  7. Keep your drivers accountable
A key upside is efficiency so if you are concerned that your drivers aren’t performing then tracking their performance may help you understand whether your team is reaching their potential or not.

What are the real benefits?

The benefits of tracking drivers performance goes beyond just understanding what your drivers are up to each day:
  • If your customers want a more accurate ETA then consider then driver tracking can help
  • If you think your drivers could deliver more efficiently then having visibility of how each day actually played out against the plan will tell you instantly where you can make improvements.
  • If you need to understand your operation in more detail then driver tracking will give you all the data you need.
Understanding my business means knowing where there are gaps. Know where your drivers are and have a better understanding of your business performance.

What do you need to track your drivers?

Automation tools can plan your deliveries and will also allow for you to track your drivers and your deliveries.  Tracking services for your drivers is available in so many different devices and is now considered imperative to delivery management.
So, how do you track the performance of your drivers against the plan?