Ever wonder how to speed up your delivery planning process?

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Do you spend hours each day manually planning your deliveries in preparation for tomorrow’s run?  You aren’t alone.  Have you ever wonder how to speed up your delivery planning process?

88% of businesses are still manually planning their deliveries.

Nearly every company that delivers to their customers has the same challenge day in and day out.  You may have hundreds, if not thousands of consignments to deliver to just as many customers.  You’d have a fleet of experienced, and not so experienced drivers that are familiar with the areas or routes and know where most of your customers are.  Some may even know when your customers need their deliveries.

But it’s never that simple is it?

If only it were Groundhog day


No single day is the same.

Which is why planning the next day crucial to getting everything delivered on time.  Anything left behind today has to be done tomorrow which has a knock on effect down the line.  So it makes sense to spend time planning the day thoroughly to give your drivers the best chance of getting everything done on time.

The looming problem is that you have many more important things that you should be working on. And you have a niggling feeling that you are spending too much time planning your deliveries, day in and day out.

Like many businesses, you divert valuable time and resources on delivery planning.

How do you speed up your delivery planning process?



Have your delivery schedule planned for you in just minutes through route automation.

Automated delivery planning is nothing new and it’s not complicated.  You simply provide the automation tool a list of your delivery jobs (including their time windows) and a list of your drivers and it will send you back a manifest for each driver.  Any automation tool can produce results in a few minutes, leaving you to get on with the more important things.

So maybe it’s time to join the other 12% who use delivery management tools and are 30% more productive.

Work smarter, not harder.  Try GoLoop for free today.