Are you losing customers because of late deliveries?

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Deliver to more customers

How important is on time delivery to consumers?

86% of online consumers say that when their ETA delivery date is not met, they would not return to that store. Are you losing customers because of late deliveries?
Fast delivery is #1 priority for most customers and to be honest, they are the ones in control here. It is so easy for customers to shop around online that if they decide they no longer like one online store, they quickly find another one, willing to meet their demands.

2020 has changed the way we consume

We are ordering more online than ever before.  But despite the massive increase in online orders, consumers have not relaxed their expectations around the ETA of their deliveries.  In fact most customers now see 2 days as fast delivery and anything longer than a week to be excessive.
How are you keeping up with these customer expectations?
  • Are you losing customers to competitors because you can’t keep up with demand?
  • Are your systems and processes under so much strain they struggle to keep up?
  • Is your operation heavily reliant on manual planning processes that simply can’t keep up with the increased demand?
By 2023 online orders will increase by 22%. Can you handle an additional 22% of orders? Can you handle the orders you have today?

Will you be one of the few that responds?

Only 12% of companies that deliver ecommerce parcels use an automated fleet management tool.


By that, I don’t mean they have a software system to manage their fleet.  I mean they have automated most of the delivery management and delivery planning process.  You know, the processes that take ages to complete every single day.  Well, these are done at the press of a button.
2020 changed the way we shop.  What changes have you made to keep up with the online order burst of 2020?

It will get harder in the future

With more than half of all shopping now done online this trend will only continue to increase in the coming years.  Will you be able to keep up with the online demand?
Don’t miss deliveries or delivery too late, automate delivery schedules and retain 22% customers.
So, are you losing customers because of late deliveries?