7 major benefits of fleet automation

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What is automation?

Fleet automation is the use of advanced software to create the most optimum delivery schedule. Advanced automation software considers all factors that are unique to a business. Automation removes the outdated manual tasks and replaces them with a more advanced solution that is catered to a specific requirements.
Many well known larger corporations like Amazon, Mitsubishi, and Tesla have turned to automation which has helped them. In 2012 Amazon started using Robotics to make it possible to store more than 40% more inventory, and made it easier to fulfil more orders. The use of automation gave amazon a very clear advantage over their competitors and has helped them to establish their brand as we know it today.

Why are organisations using automation to manage their fleet?

A well managed fleet is key to growth and sustainability of a business. Businesses are continuously having to adapt to a changing market and keeping up with that can be challenging. The use of automation tools are now becoming more and more prevalent as technology continues to advance.

Deliver to more customers

Major benefits of fleet automation:

  • Save Money
  • Increase delivery Capacity
  • Save time
  • Reduce drive time
  • Remove human error
  • Eliminate Employee Fraud
  • Higher Customer return rate

Save Money

Comprehensive data analysis and smart suggestions provide optimum delivery routes and can reduce the overall delivery costs by around 20%. Organisations can expect to see a significant reduction in fuel consumption, distance travelled, drive time and vehicle use. Automation software will also allocate a shift to the most cost effective driver and reduce the need for drivers to do overtime.

Increased delivery capacity

Automation uses advanced mathematics to provide the fastest and most cost effective routes. This can reduce the road time for deliveries by around 20%. Which means that a business could have the ability to reach 20% more customers on any given day.

Saves time

Saving time is not exclusive to just the drivers, who are seeing a massive reduction in drive time. Automation also saves the spent hours each day manually planning the delivery schedules. Did you know that on average, most business spend 2-4 hours per day on delivery planning?

Reduces drive time

Reduction of drive time is one of the biggest benefits. A reduction in road time means a business can make reach all their customers in 20% less time.

Reduces the need for human intervention – less human error

Unfortunately, humans are not perfect and when planning a route with so many varying factors, human error is always going to exist. Automated fleet management considers customer delivery windows, vehicle capacity, delivery locations, driver delivery regulations and many more factors that are relative to each individual business.

Eliminate employee fraud

Automation tools give business operators the ability to track both deliveries and drivers. The ability to do this helps keep the drivers accountable and reduces the impact of any slacking.

Higher customer return rate

Customers continue to become more and more impatient when it comes to the delivery of their products or services. Automation tools not only allow a business to keep up with customer expectations, but also helps to exceed them. Reaching customers on time, every time is such an important factor when retaining customers.