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GoLoop’s Automated Fleet Management engine saves hours of manual planning while minimising road time and maximising ontime rates.


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Who are we for?

Our route optimisation engine is applicable to any industry which could benefit from optimised fleet drive time, automation of driver scheduling and daily operations.

Who do we work with?

We work directly with businesses with logistical challenges, government, and software companies who recognise the benefits of integrating a market leading route optimisation and rider allocation software into their service offering.

What’s it going to save me?

Our route optimisation and driver scheduling engine saves time by automating your day to day operations. This equates to a more efficient business, happy customers, and cost savings.

How do I implement?

We focus on the maths so you can focus on your customers. Our cloud-based API is an AI-backed shipment sorting and rider allocation software purpose-built to seamlessly integrate without the fuss or struggle of adopting yet another interface.

Introducing one of the most advanced automated fleet management engine

GoLoops routing engine saves hours of manual planning. We automate driver scheduling, minimise road time and maximise the capacity of your fleet with shorter routes.

The Core

Powerful Route Optimisation & Fleet Scheduling

Our automated fleet management engine provides your business with the power to automate driver allocation, scheduling and manifest creation. It optimises every job into ordered routes, all the while accommodating endless factors or conditions such as priority deliveries and time windows.

GoLoop - Powerful Route Optimisation & Fleet Scheduling API
GoLoop - Powerful Route Optimisation & Fleet Scheduling API

The Core

Powerful Route Optimisation & Fleet Scheduling

With our market leading API integrated into your infrastructure or app you'll be powered to make optimised changes on the fly, offering real time visibility and live results 24/7. Whether you're government, food delivery, real estate, couriers/logistics, medical supply or software & app developers, our API is flexible and customisation accommodating infinite restrains to fit your specific needs.

GoLoop - route optimisation system is for to any industry

For Your Business

Increased Productivity, Profit & Visibility

GoLoop utilises real-life factors like drop off / pick up time windows, traffic, mandatory break times, vehicle types, vehicle cubic metre space and more. Our market leading optimisation system reduces uncertainty, removing the need for businesses to operate reactively, while speeding up and simplifying your business. Plus you only pay for what you use which leads to a massive cost savings.

We are Outcome Driven.

Client or Site Specific Needs

True mathematical optimisation is employed to provide the most efficient and practical driver manifests for hundreds of vehicles simultaneously, every day.

Time Windows

Ensure your customers expectations are met, every single time. Whether you have a fixed time frame or same day delivery, GoLoop accepts both hard or soft time constraints on any location.

Priority Consignments

To help meet the growing needs of customers you offer a range of priority services. GoLoop adheres to the priority rule so you product offering to guarantee those critical consignments are always met.


“We started with the goal of optimising the use of resources, providing a simple user experience to our fleet coordinators where they could benefit from the complex GoLoop algorithms but still have control over the final allocation of work to their drivers. Given the unpredictable demand for time-critical services, allocation of work changes by the minute and GoLoop calculates the effectiveness of the suggested re-allocation of work promoting a higher probability of delivery within agreed service standards. Ultimately, the GoLoop team worked very closely with Smartways to get to a final product that is powerful yet simple in its delivery.”

Smartways Logistics Pty Ltd

“JCurve Solutions (ASX: JCS) have enjoyed a great partnership with the GoLoop team to deliver a modern and progressive route optimisation solution to market. We have had nothing but brilliant and responsive support from their team. We use GoLoop as the route optimisation tool in our Riyo solution. We are proud to say that they have achieved savings of 30% travel time and distance which is hugely beneficial for any service business. Through streamlining operations this allows service businesses to increase the amount of services that they can deliver on a daily, weekly and monthly perspective which is great for growth. One industry in particular this solution is driving efficiency gains for is the Australian Aged Care solution. Allowing Aged Care Providers to get the right people, with the right skills to manage an optimum number of jobs in their calendars. We look forward to working together moving forward to deliver business improvement initiatives to customers.”

Kate Massey, CMO, JCurve (ASX:JCS)

“GoLoop is tackling a chronic problem in logistics – “How do I optimise my mobile resources”. Classically, this is the problem of route optimisation for fleets, but it is not only that, it’s the continuous optimisation of the whole delivery problem of what package goes on what truck to minimise the cost of delivery in the real world of ever changing requirements. The potential applications are much wider and can be applied to optimise any group of mobile resources. The real magic is that this is all it does. GoLoop can be plugged into an existing fleet management system at very low cost that scales with how much you use it. GoLoop has opened up very sophisticated optimisation techniques to even smaller businesses with only a few vehicles. This is the what innovation in the 21st century is all about.”

Andrew Clarke, CEO, Logistics Help Pty Ltd

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